Pad Type Ver.2

Reusable Sticky Notes

Improvements from PAD ver.1

1.  Easier to peel off


Improved to a weaker adhesive.

After sticking, it can be peeled off easily.

2. Easier to stick


The silicone has been strengthened to enhance firmness. The pad can be firmly attached even on the edge, and will not sag.

3. Easier to see


Available in pastel colors for easy use as a sticky note. The visibility of the text and the attractiveness to draw attention have been improved.

Size: W75×H75×t1.0(mm)


Material: Silicone


- While keeping the basic features of PAD TYPE ver.1, it has been updated with features of  "sticky notes" making it a reusable sticky notes.


- A "convenient and sustainable stationery" that can be used semi-permanently.


- By using silicone as the material and applying a unique coating, it is possible to write with an oil-based ballpoint pen and erase with an eraser or your finger.


- The adhesive sheet material on the back side of the pad allows for sticking and peeling numerous times, leaving no residue.


- It will not fold or tear like sticky notes made of paper.


- It can be used as a "label" for classification and display, a "brainstorming tool," a "memo/ reminder," and a "communication tool" for messages..


- It is recommended when you want to use the pad type not only as a "memo pad" but als as a sticky note.


Precautions for use:


About the pen to be used

- Pencils and water-based pens cannot be used.


About the adhesive

- Depending on the area of application, it may be difficult to peel off, so please test thoroughly before use.


- Please note that if the product is applied to paper or leather, the surface may be damaged or scratched when peeling off.


- Do not apply to valuables or painted surfaces.


- Do not leave the product in a hot place or keep it in the same place for a long time. It may become difficult to peel off.


- Please peel it off slowly, as forcibly peeling it off may damage the affixed area.

If the adhesive strength deteriorates due to dust, etc., it can be reused by washing it with water and drying it well.


Pen Marks

- If pen marks remain, it can be wiped clean with alcohol. However, with some pens, pen marks may not be erased even with alcohol. Please try writing on an inconspicuous spot before use.


- Please erase as soon as possible after writing. If you do not erase the writing for a long time, pen marks may remain on the surface.



- We assume no responsibility for any damage to other prodcuts resulting from the use of this product.


- Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity.


- Keep out of reach of infants.