OGUNI SUGI Essential Oil

Tugline "Delivering Forests protected for 250 years"


Most of the trees that grow in Japanese forests are cut down because they are processed into building materials and wood products. The logs were used as valuable wood, but the branches and leaves were considered worthless and were left in the forest.They returned to the soil, but they are one of the gifts entrusted to us by our predecessors decades and hundreds of years ago.It is an essential oil made to connect the value of forests to the next generations by utilizing resources with the spirit of "MOTTAINAI" and delivering the power of the forest to the next generations.



It is 100% domestically produced natural essential oil with feeling of the ASO OGUNI forest.

Brand cedar ASO OGUNI-SUGI that grows in the magnificent forest of Mt. Aso area, which has been cultivated for more than half a century.Collecting the branches and leaves, natural essential oils are carefully extracted at the forest aroma lab.OGUNI-SUGIEssential Oil is characterized by a citrus-based sour fragrance among Japanese essential oils.It also has woody and refreshing fragrance of the forest. That makes you can get an exhilaration experience.Enjoy the fragrance by dripping oil with attached beautiful twigs left in the forest and a cube made by local welfare activities.

In addition, we conducted research with the National Kyushu University. From the research, it has become clear that OGUNI-SUGI Essential Oil is experienced to have relaxing and antibacterial effects.


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