- beauty rooted in the rustic -

The old countryside that never changes, yet it is able to create beautiful things in this world


Jewellery sways and dances in your ear.

People of a small hometown, full of history and nature, have created a piece of jewellery.


We see it everyday on our way to and from school, and even from the train windows.

It was born in a never-changing landscape.

People living in this wonderful countryside have created this piece with their hands and hearts forged into it.

We created it. This beautiful piece.


From just a small region, we are giving the world something that has never been seen before.

The world will turn its attention to our small community.

Everything can be found here ; new wonders, pure emotions and the desire for storytelling.


KALCANO's jewellery will fill the world in colour, and the view of the people in this small hometown will continue

to expand, little by little.


We are sincerely grateful that you have chosen KALCANO, because you recognize these new values and we wish to present our gift to you as a tribute to your beautiful heart.



Instagram : ogunist0716