100 years blocky

Toys that will be with you for a lifetime.


A gift for your loved ones or perhaps a treat for yourself.

Blocky building blocks accompany the ones you love for every irreplaceable step, growing

alongside and creating memories with them.



This is something only a 100-year-old company can achieve, and we will continue to

maintain the same level of value for the next 100 years.


Blocky is a toy that can be stacked and connected to create a wide range of shapes. The

shape of the blocks themselves are what gave birth to the concept of Blocky. As a child

grows, it’s important to consider their changing needs and think outside the box when

designing toys for them, so that those toys can accompany them on their road to adulthood.

We carefully craft each individual toy with this in the forefront of our mind.


We hope that Blocky will one day become a treasured memento, full of memories.