Electricity-free speaker for smartphone



“BAION-Mg60” is made of magnesium tube which is used as high-end audio material.


You can enjoy a prime music easily at anytime and anywhere (both indoor and outdoor), by magnesium feature’s high damping capacity, ultralight and toughness.


It would be the best accent for your room by many kinds of colors and a simple design.


Today, where do you enjoy your favorite music with “BAION-Mg60” ?





Material: Magnesium alloy


291 g

0,00 €

MACRW Baion L -Electricity-free speaker for smartphone-


Material: Magnesium alloy


145 g

0,00 €



- Very portable both indoors and outdoors
- Doesn’t crack even if you drop it, and can withstand water, UV rays, and temperature changes
- Stable echo effect
- Amplifies the vibrations of the music itself, which allows for clear sound
- Goes well as a decoration in any kind of room

- Available in unique metallic looks as well as a variety of vibrant colors.


Made in Japan