Sashiko T-shirt



Strengh and Beauty of Japanes Sashiko: T-shirt woven and made by KUSAKURA, well known all over the world as judo clothing manufacturer. Based on the concept of "the word of strength and beauty of Japanese sashiko", the traditional Japanese sashiko fabric has been built up for more than 100 years. The so-called "kusakura-sashiko" fabric is in various forms with culture with KUSAKURA will send to the world.


KUSAKURA will continue to run for the next 100 years with the aim of becoming "KUSAKURA" in the world beyond martial arts".


Providing a safe cloth which can even been pulled by over 100k people throughout competitions is required.


KUSAKURA is proud that it is "the strongest fabric that humans touch the skin".

Sashiko cloth is used for judosuits. It can express a tough yet supple and warm texture.

The more you use it, the more attractive it becomes : softer and fits better.

You can also enjoy Sashiko cloth’s aging !


Color : Black

Style : V-neck / Zippered

Size : S / M / L / 3L 

Material :

Kusakura Sashiko Cotton / Polyester (T/C 30/70)

(the same composition as Judo Cloth) 


Made in Japan



V-neck T-shirt

Zippered T-shirt

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