Sashiko Ecobag



Strenght and Beauty of Japanese Sashico : Ecobag with cotton pouch woven and made by KUSAKURA, well known all over the world as judo clothing manufacturer. Based on the concept of "the world of strenght and beauty of Japanese sashiko", hte traditional Japanese sashiko fabric send yo the world.


Kusakura will continue to run for the next 100 years with the aim of becoimg "Kusakura" in the world beyond martial arts.



Pouch : Cotton 100

Ecobag : Polyester 100



Pouch : Off-White

Ecobag : Beige / Purple / Dark Blue / Khaki



Pouch : H10,5 x W15,5 x D0,5 (cm)

Ecobag : H36,5 x W34 x D9,5 (cm) Handle : 20cm



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