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Kusakura is a judo clothing manufacturer. In fact, they have been spinning woven fabrics on looms for over 100 years since their founding. Nowadays, "Kusakura" is known all over the world for its judo clothing, but the fabric weaving part of judo clothing is not well known. There is no other manufacturer in the world that can consistently produce judo clothing from fabrics, in the meaning of an integrated production, as they have. The existence of "fabric" is large in judo clothing. Providing a safe cloth which can even been pulled by over 100k people throughout competitions is required. Kusakura is proud that it is "the strongest fabric that humans touch the skin". Sashiko cloth is used for judo suits.It can express a tough yet supple and warm texture. They want to convey the charm of sashiko cloth with its history and technique. And also started the project called "THE NEXT 200 TH". Based on the concept of "the world of strength and beauty of Japanese sashiko", the traditional Japanese sashiko fabric has been built up for more than 100 years. The so-called "kusakura-sashiko" fabric is of course in various forms with culture which they will send to the world. Judo suits maker Kusakura will continue to run for the next 100 years with the aim of becoming "Kusakura in the world beyond martial arts."

Pillar of 100 years KUSAKURA SASHIKO

Kusakura Sashiko's techniques, such as thread handling, weaving techniques, dyeing blending, sewing and embroidery techniques unique to Kusakura, are craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It is impossible to build a 100-year-old pillar without carefully and persistently stacking its parts.


Because you know the strength, you overcome your weakness.

From heavy fabrics using double weave to supple fabrics with single weave.

A wide variety of sashiko fabrics that are unique to Kusakura Sashiko, which is selected from threads.

100 years of history has created all the possibilities for sashiko cloth.

Here are some typical fabrics.


Pure cotton double weave

Although it is a double woven fabric made of 100% cotton, it is gentle on the skin and has tough tensile strength by making 120% use of the pure cotton material.


Blended double weave

It uses a blended double woven fabric of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, while having the same feel and tensile strength as JOA, taking advantage of the characteristics of Kusakura Sashiko, which is comparable to pure cotton.


Blended single weave

A blended single-woven fabric made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. It has tensile strength while taking advantage of the softness that is characteristic of Kusakura Sashiko.


Single cotton weave

The pure cotton single-layered fabric is commonly known as a face hat, and is used for the face comforter to soften the impact of the part hit with a bamboo sword.It is also used for kendo wear and is a single-layered fabric that is light and has the characteristics of sashiko weaving.

Kusakura Sashiko's 100 years gratitude

As a long-established store of judo techniques for 100 years, Kusakura's fabric has been responsible for the development of martial arts education.

We established a solid position as a representative player of "safe, reliable, high quality, strong" Japan quality.

In particular, the texture and strength of our fabric creates the basis of all martial arts and spreads its name to the world for the development of martial arts.

before 100 years _____________________1918 - 2020

Founded in 1918 starting woven fabrics

Japan’s sole integrated manufacturing

Together with everyone who loves martial arts

The fabric of the training suit is hard and rugged, so the sashiko fabric woven by Kusakura's original technology is strong and supple.

We are branding the sashiko, which was woven with unique technology, as a unique world view,

and disseminate the Japanese technology and culture that Kusakura has built over 100 years to the world.

We are proud that Kusakura Sashiko is "the strongest fabric that humans touch the skin".

To experience the culture of sashiko fabric, that has been walking along with martial arts, guides us to KUSAKURA THE NEXT 200TH.